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Owner Operator

The guide to becoming a box truck owner operator A box truck is a chassis cab vehicle with enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo space, also known as a box van, cube van, bob truck, or cube truck. If you own one of these, and you want to transition earning an income from transporting cargo and making deliveries, you will need to navigate through a lot of legal stuff. It's not just that you can also lease out your trucks and everything that comes with them to gain a menial income. Or even own multiple, but that would be a different ball game.   Right now, we're going to focus on how to become a box truck owner-operator. But, first, let's understand a bit about them:   What do they do? A truck driver who owns or leases a box truck moves cargo and makes deliveries is known as a box truck owner-operator. While box trucks are not semi-trailer trucks, they can be used to hook additional freight. They are typically 4 to 7 meters long and have a cargo bay. Owner-operators of box trucks hire companies to use their equipment and human resources for short or long-distance shipments. What are the benefits…

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Housing Market

Buying or selling houses online? Opendoor and Offerpad are the way to go! One of the safest investments of all time is real estate investment. Last year, when the pandemic hit us globally, we shared the vulnerabilities, pleasures, and sorrows together as one kind. The whole world forgot about every single identity and became one. One country came up with the idea of dealing with the situation smartly, other countries gladly adopted and appreciated it. One of the biggest finds of this pandemic was the ability of companies to execute their routine tasks without the physical attendance of their employees. This not only offered a great solution to the problem at hand but also opened the doors of unlimited possibilities for the future. The idea of remote working became a savior for unlimited people globally. Saved many lives, continues earnings for families, and much more. One of the biggest surprises pandemic brought was the unexpected steep hike in the housing market. Are we witnessing a clear housing market boom after decades? The continuous increase in residential and commercial properties, minimized selling time, accelerated offers, bidding wars, and decreased mortgage rate are clear indications of the boom in the housing market. Buying…

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Black Businesses

The History of Black Entrepreneurship   Introduction   In the US and Canada, February is celebrated as Black History Month. This tradition has been officially followed since 1976 as a way to honor the major milestones as well as personalities that mark the African American diasporic history.   The dynamic socio-political atmosphere around the US, especially during the pandemic, has given rise to much deliberation about critical issues such as racial injustice and unemployment. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests garnered global support with people from various backgrounds-- celebrities and common people-- bringing about a conversation on social media.     Supporting Black Businesses One way to achieve this would be by supporting Black companies. Black-owned businesses have had a hard time establishing themselves for generations. They have faced many difficulties accessing loans and capital for their businesses due to the deep-rooted racism prevalent in society.   White-owned businesses have gained a monopoly over the market with the help of their White privilege, thanks to the long-sustained racism across the world. This kind of subjugation in the marketplace holds true not just for Black businesses but also for businesses run by people belonging to the LGBTQI community or even the Dalits,…

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